Founded in 1868 Shonan · Enoshima Island hotel with a rich historyFounded in 1868 Shonan · Enoshima Island hotel with a rich history




Founded in 1868 "Island hotel with a rich history"

Iwamotoro Honkan is a Japanese hotel whose ancestor is "Iwamotoin", which is a branch temple of the Okutsu Palace at Enoshima Shrine. Since the Kamakura period, we have flourished as a hotel for generals, imperial orders and daimyo of the time. Even today, we have served patrons for forty-nine generations as "a hotel with a view of the Shonan and Enoshima seas and Mt. Fuji".
The "Iwamotoro Roman bath" and "Benten cave bath", our pride which were born in the early Showa era, are our ysterious hot spring. Sacred Mt. Fuji rises over the sparkling waves, and it coats the trip's evening sun.
When you visit Enoshima, please stay at Iwamotoro Honkan. All of our employees are waiting sincerely from the bottom of our heart.

*Unfortunately, Our staff only speaks broken English, but we sincerely welcome any guests who are interested in experiencing a stay at a traditional Japanese Hotel.

Our pride,
two hot springs handed down from
generation to generation in Enoshima

We have two hot springs, "Iwamotoro Roman bath" as a registered
tangible cultural property of Japan and "Cave bath" which makes use of a bentendo
(a Buddhist temple dedicated to Benten or a goddess Benzaiten).
Please enjoy the moment of relaxation with two different hot springs.

A stunning view of
Shonan's blue ocean and Mt. Fuji

We have "stunning Mt. Fuji view suites" in direct view of Mt. Fuji
as well as views of additional surrounding magnificent mountains
such as Mt. Hakone and Mt. Oyama and " Shonan view suites"
with the view of the Shonan coast.
During the day, you can see boats and sea birds gliding over the calm
waters, and in the evening, you can see the shining night view of
Shonan on the coastline.
Surrounded by the pleasant sound of the lapping waves,
please have a relaxing day.

Jewels of Sagami Bay,
directly sent from
the local fishing port

Our cuisine is a "seafood banquet" which lets you
enjoy the plentiful seafood from Sagami Bay.
We purchase fresh natural foods from Enoshima's famous
Sazae and Ise shrimp from local fishing ports,
and skilled professionals add finishing touches to them
carefully one by one.
Please enjoy our delicious dishes
only available here.

Guest room / Amenities

Guest room 28 rooms in total
Guest room size 15.488m²
Check-in / Check-out 15:00~ / ~10:00
*If there is a check-in time setting for an accommodation plan, that will be prioritized.
Guest room facilities TV, phone, hot water pot, tea sets, refrigerator, hair dryer, electric toilet, soap, toothbrush set, towels, bath towels, yukata (Japanese style sleepwear), slippers, a safe. *Please let the front desk know when you use the bath in your room. We will bring body soap, shampoo, and conditioner.
Rental goods DVD player, western playing cards, hanafuda (Japanese playing cards), shogi, go, wheelchair
Credit card VISA、Master Card、Saison

• Please make sure to let us know if you check-in later than your original check-in time.

• No cars are allowed in Enoshima island from 10pm until 5am. Thank you for your understanding.

• Please use the parking lot at the Fujisawashi Sight Seeing Information Center (1500 yen per 24 hours per car)

• The parking lot may be full on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, Golden Week (Japanese holiday season in May),
New Year holidays, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

• One infant is allowed per two adults during overnight stays.

• Please contact us in advance if you wish for allergy-friendly dishes for seniors.

Cancelation policy Cancellation fee will be charged as follows.
Same day: 100% of the room charge
1 day before: 50% of the room charge
2 days before or earlier: 20% of room charge
No-show without contact: 100% of the room charge
* Cancellation policy may be set separately based on the accommodation plan and dates.
Please make sure to confirm the cancellation policy on the plan details page (next to the vacancy calendar etc.)
and reservation procedure screen.
Preventing COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and stopping its spread In the future, while establishing a lifestyle to prevent the spread of infection, we will continue hygiene management as follows in accordance with the response method recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare so that our customers can use it with peace of mind. We will carry it out.
We may ask for your cooperation on that basis, but we appreciate your understanding.

[Request to customers]
• Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands when you arrive at the inn.
• Please cooperate with temperature measurement at check-in.
• Please wear a mask and cooperate with cough etiquette as much as possible.
• At check-in, we will confirm the ID of all guests.

[Our efforts]
1 Focused cleaning in the hall
• Regarding the cleaning of the guest room, we are cleaning with a disinfectant.
• Ventilation is provided before and after using the guest room.
• Ventilation of the entire building is carried out at the front entrance.
• The common areas in the building are disinfected with a disinfectant.

2 Install a disinfectant in the hall
• A disinfectant solution is installed in front of the entrance.

3 Thorough hygiene management of staff
• Temperature is measured when going to work.
• We will support you by wearing a mask.
• We practice diligent hand washing and gargling.
• Acrylic plate to prevent splashing is installed on the reception.

4 Three Cs avoidance in common facilities
• The bathhouse can be used from check-in to 30 minutes before check-out so that customers can avoid crowds at their discretion.

We will endeavor to ensure that you can stay with peace of mind, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



60 minutes from Tokyo and Shinjuku
To a journey to experience the stunning view and history of Shonan and Enoshima

Access by trains

Access by bus


Iwamotoro Honkan

2-2-7 Enoshima, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture


Iwamotoro, remember the Kamakura period
The paradise wrapped in eternal time is here